Our History - Ekulo Group of Companies, Nigeria
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Our History

1980: The owner started trading in Lagos under E.C. Okonkwo & Brothers, importing and distributing electrical appliances and beverages.

1984: The company incorporated under the name Ekulo, which is a stream in the founder’s hometown Ichi in Anambra State. He was inspired by that stream because unlike the other streams that are seasonal, Ekulo flows slowly but remains consistent all year round. Consistency was his vision when the business was incorporated.

1985: Ekulo began importing and distributing various household items such as beverages, food, cosmetics and stationery. This was also the year Ekulo introduced Five Alive to the Nigerian market, and began representing notable brands from Europe such as Mcvities, Goya, and Tura in Nigeria.

1989 -1991: Ekulo became the sole representative of Mcvities in Nigeria. During this time, Eva wine was introduced, and over the last 3 decades has become the generic name for fruity non – alcoholic wines in the country.


Ekulo represented brands like Moet & Chandon, Remy Martin and Johnnie Walker – a Diageo product in Nigeria.

Early 90’s: The Company diversified into stock brokerage and real estate.

1992: The manufacturing company Evans Industries Ltd. was registered, and today produces soap brands such as Eva, Meditol, Hawaii, Unik, Gino and Blossom Light.

90’s – till date: Ekulo continues to represent big brand names from all over the world in different sectors. In addition the company continues to support the Federal Government’s vision of boosting made in Nigeria products through its manufacturing division.